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  • Me: I'm going to a hockey game tonight. What do I need to know?
  • J: They are trying to put the puck in the net.

Be the mailman


There’s been a little bit of time since I’ve had the idea and pitched it. It took me a while to be able to articulate why this approach was so different from the way we were thinking about the problem before. It just seemed so obvious. But it really was about how we deliver the content. I keep using that word, deliver. Before, we were simply showing content. But now there’s a mailman.

We basically went from a feed to an inbox — instead of seeing a whole list of questions and content, there’s a very limited view. It’s up close and center. The card has been delivered to you. He’s asking you that question (btw, I really don’t know who I would interview). 

Hopefully, the more personal our approach to delivering content is, the more personal the connection back to the community becomes. 

Can I tell my life story in denim?

Can I tell my life story in denim?

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A beautiful audioization (?)

"The relationship status moment"

I was approached by a friend of mine to help him with a project. Over a few weeks, we refined and developed our ideas, then went back to the drawing board several times.

In all honesty, there was something missing. I felt this each and every time we went back to the drawing board albeit less so each time. I thought we were getting close, but it was frustrating. 

Something dawned on me a few minutes ago. I’m using this lovely website called Hi. In fact, I’m sorta, kinda writing a paper for class for a performance project that I based around the narrative maps on the website. 

There’s something zen-like about the website. This is how I first described the site to my classmates and friends when I came across it. You post a moment, it’s out in the world, and you’ll get responses. People will ask you to write a little more about your moment, you do, and you’ll get little messages of thanks in return. It’s incredibly personal and intimate, even if it’s within a group of strangers.

We’re trying to create a platform where classmates and peers can share information. A forum where it’s really easy, personal, unintimidating to ask a question and leave answers. I think Hi has the key. 

Hierarchy of Needs

Hierarchy of Needs

Story time. I’ll come back to this later

pretty awesome day